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For 10 years the wife of a Maasai - Stephanie's life in the simplest of circumstances

For 10 years the wife of a Maasai

Stephanie’s life in the simplest of circumstances Stephanie has lived in Tanzania with her husband Sokoine, a traditional Maasai, for more than 10 years. She has built a life with him in the humblest of circumstances. Stephanie’s book is already available in stores:https://amzn.to/3KCKqbv

African countries are fed up with being marginalised in global institutions

They will be pushing hard for change at a big global pow-wow this week On June 22nd, Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, organized a development-finance gathering in Paris to address crucial global matters such as World Bank restructuring, climate finance, and debt distress. The meeting boasted of a significant number of influential individuals, including…
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Escalay Waterwheel

Escalay (“Waterwheel”) – Kronos Quartet

“Pieces from Africa” is an album by the Kronos Quartet, a renowned string quartet known for their innovative and eclectic approach to contemporary classical music. The album was released in 1992 and features compositions by various African composers. The album includes 14 tracks, each one showcasing a different African style or musical tradition. Some of…
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Archi Mali timbuktu People climbing

The Timbuktu Storyteller

Centre of the world Part II by Anthony Ham Amsterdam, September 12th 2021—Ag Mohamed Ali initiated travellers into Timbuktu’s secrets. He took them to the private family libraries that still held manuscripts from Timbuktu’s golden age – biographies of the Prophet Muhammad on pages of gold leaf and scientific treatises from the great Islamic scholars of…
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Timbuktu Storytelling

Storytelling in and from Timbuktu

Part I by: Anthony Ham Amsterdam, September 12th 2021– As the sun neared the horizon, before the day’s final call to prayer, Azima Ag Mohamed Ali began his nightly walk through the sandy streets of Timbuktu in Mali. Along the way, first one, then a second friend fell into step alongside him. The greetings continued…
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Burundi Civil War

Burundi, the Almost Forgotten Civil War

Beatriz and Bernard Amsterdam, March 12, 2021 – First thing the Vice Minister of Health in Bujumbura, the then Capital of Burundi says when I am entering his impressive office and on a story invited by a Dutch NGO, to report on the construction of a water system in Muyinga, is: ‘ Be welcome and…
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CCTV Beijing

Reporters looking for a job in Beijing, London and Elsewhere – II

The New China Story Amsterdam, Feb. 18th 2021 — At the same time, Beijing is also seeking to shift the global center of gravity eastwards, propagating the idea of a new world order with a resurgent China at its center. Of course, influence campaigns are nothing new; the US and the UK, among others, have…
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