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Adriano Pedrosa curator 60ste kunstbiënnale Venetië

Adriano Pedrosa 60th Venice Biennale curator: Foreigners Everywhere

The enigmatic Mr. Pedrosa antonfoek.com Amsterdam, April 21, 2024– The 60th Venice Art Biennale will take place until November 20 and, as usual, the organization has announced the curator more than a year and a half before the start and the theme of the upcoming biennale a year before the start.And also according to tradition, this…
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Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero, Artist of Whimsical Rotundity, Is Dead at 91

His voluptuous figures, both in paintings and in sculpture, portrayed the high and mighty as well as everyday people through an enlarging prism. Fernando Botero, the Colombian whose voluptuous pictures and sculptures of overstuffed generals, bishops, prostitutes, housewives and other products of his whimsical imagination made him one of the world’s best-known artists, died on…
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Adiós Nonino de Astor Piazzolla - Nestor Marconi Quinteto

Adiós Nonino de Astor Piazzolla – Nestor Marconi Quinteto

Título: Adiós Nonino – Autor: Ástor Piazzolla – Bandoneón: Néstor Marconi – Guitarra: Esteban Falabella – Violín: Pablo Agri – Contrabajo: Juan Pablo Navarro – Piano: Leonardo Marconi – Grabado en: Café Vinilo – Fecha: 23/3/2016 – Realización Tangotrazo® Muy agradecido x este material que me fue cedido x la gente de tango trazo e…
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Picasso was a genius—and a beast. Can the two be separated?

“Picasso: Genius and Beast—Can They Coexist?” Introduction Pablo Picasso was one of the most influential and prolific artists of the 20th century. He was a genius, a revolutionary, and a master of many mediums. But he was also a beast. His personal life was often tumultuous, and he was known for his tempestuous relationships with…
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Bob Nadkarni

“Bob Nadkarni: 1943-2023”

by Gabe Ponce de Leon The first time I walked through its doors, back in 2005, the Maze was just a family home. Its main claim to fame, at that point, was having been featured in the Snoop Dog video “Beautiful.” But I was completely blown away by the setup: The idiosyncratic design of the…
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Ai Weiwei recreates Monet’s water lilies using 650,000 Lego pieces

Written by Jacqui Palumbo, CNN When the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei opens his new show in April, visitors will encounter a familiar scene at London’s Design Museum: Claude Monet’s famed water lilies. But rather than being composed of the French painter’s Impressionist brushstrokes, the monumental recreation is made from the studs of Lego bricks —…
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Stanley Brouwn

Unknown Surinam Artist and My Hero Strolls around the Earth

Stanley Brouwn [ Paramaribo 1935 – Amsterdam 2017] antonfoek Amsterdam, January 28, 2023– Perhaps it would have been better if there had been no obituary by Stanley Brouwn here. Or if nothing at all is said about the artist, who died in Amsterdam on May 18, in this obituary. If even his birthplace and year…
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Stahl House Los Angeles

Los Angeles Sunset Blvd living

The Stahl House antonfoek About two months after their dash to Las Vegas, the Stahl family decided to drive up to this mystery spot and have a look around.  They found themselves gawping at the entirety of Los Angeles spread out below in a grid that went on for an eternity or maybe even more. …
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Edward Hopper Soir Bleu

Why Did Edward Hopper Paint This Clown?

After Jan Matejko’s Stanczyk, here’s another sad clown, this time painted by Edward Hopper. In this video, we’re looking at his 1914 Soir Bleu. A perculiar talent; the ability to paint ‘silence’. Although background noises would prob surround the events in Hopper’s works, they fade into insignifance and silence ‘muffles’ them. For e.g. the painting…
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Pablo Picasso Blue Period

Picasso’s Blue Period

Pablo Picasso’s most famous period, his Blue Period, was both cathartic and life changing. It will give the young artist the emotional and artistic tools to eventually pioneer cubism and, eventually, revolutionize modern art. This video will showcase both The Old Guitarist and La Vie, two crucial paintings of the Blue Period, one for its…
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