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Stanley Brouwn

Unknown Surinam Artist and My Hero Strolls around the Earth

Stanley Brouwn [ Paramaribo 1935 – Amsterdam 2017] antonfoek Amsterdam, January 28, 2023– Perhaps it would have been better if there had been no obituary by Stanley Brouwn here. Or if nothing at all is said about the artist, who died in Amsterdam on May 18, in this obituary. If even his birthplace and year…
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Stahl House Los Angeles

Los Angeles Sunset Blvd living

The Stahl House antonfoek About two months after their dash to Las Vegas, the Stahl family decided to drive up to this mystery spot and have a look around.  They found themselves gawping at the entirety of Los Angeles spread out below in a grid that went on for an eternity or maybe even more. …
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Frames of mind

Frames of mind

The first reference charts for the human brain have been completed They could become a useful tool in tracking both healthy and unhealthy ageing antonfoek Amsterdam, January 22nd 2023 — If a doctor wants to know how well a child is growing, he can turn to clinically validated charts that detail precisely how that child compares…
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Richard Burton speechs to Frank Sinatra 1983

The man with the greatest speaking voice honoring the man with the greatest singing voice. Frank Sinatra’s 1983 letter to Richard Burton: “You moved me as no other man ever has. And I will be grateful to you every day of my life.”

Suriname is near

Far away, yet Suriname is near

antonjiesamfoek© Washington DC / Amsterdam, December 29, 2022— He was born nearly 64 years ago in Dangogo on the Saramacca River. Of course reading and writing didn’t end up there in the woods then. But what would it be? Who wants to learn to read and write when you already have everything you could want…
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The Road Not Taken…by Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken” is one of the most inspiring poems of American literature. It may take you down a path of regret or pride based on your unique journey. It reflects the long-lasting impact of the choices people make in life. As it says: ‘I doubted if I should ever come back.’ Choose carefully…
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Luli Fama | Resort 2021 | Full Show

Luli Fama Fashion Show | Resort 2021 | Full Show

Luli Fama | Resort 2021 | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PARAISO Miami Beach) #Miamiswim Carlos José Alvarez – Mira Como Baila David Tobin – Dance With Destiny Miguel Moreno – Road To Havana

Joseph Bologne

The Untold Story of Joseph Bologne, the Prodigy known as “Black Mozart”

Chevalier de Saint-Georges, born Joseph Bologne, was widely considered to be one of the most accomplished men in Europe during his lifetime, with a laundry list of talents, ranging from genius violinist to Europe’s greatest swordsman. He is known as the “Black Mozart” – but to be honest, if you learn enough about him, you…
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How to convert a garage into a chic 3-storey House

She’s a genius architect /designer of the house – how long did it take to get planning permission, how much did the garage cost, how much did she spend on building, did she legally know that she could build 3 floors when she bought the garage? – Bibi Converting various structures into cozy and stylish…
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Edward Hopper Soir Bleu

Why Did Edward Hopper Paint This Clown?

After Jan Matejko’s Stanczyk, here’s another sad clown, this time painted by Edward Hopper. In this video, we’re looking at his 1914 Soir Bleu. A perculiar talent; the ability to paint ‘silence’. Although background noises would prob surround the events in Hopper’s works, they fade into insignifance and silence ‘muffles’ them. For e.g. the painting…
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