Month: March 2024


The Sydney Melbourne Ultramarathon 1983

Amsterdam, 26 march 2024– Just before the start of the 544-mile Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon in 1983, one particular runner caught the attention of the Australian media: a 61-year-old potato farmer named Cliff Young. He had shown up before the race wearing overalls and work boots, telling journalists that he had trained in his large…
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New Orleans

The Berlin Wall: Echoes of the Past and the Unyielding Present

antonfoek 1. The Fall of the Wall: A Triumph of People Power The year was 1989, and the world watched in awe as the Berlin Wall crumbled. East German communism, once an ironclad fortress, now lay in ruins. Crowds stormed the Dresden headquarters of the Stasi, the notorious secret police, rendering them powerless. But amidst…
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Borobudur boutique hotel in Jakarta

The Family of the Family

eyesonindonesia Surabaya, March 8th 2024– As a young boy growing up in Palembang, East Sumatra, Indonesia, Kaharuddin Salamun, had his dreams, of course. He also had the urge of seeing the world and bringing changes in what he was going to do later in life.  He now is the General Manager of the Majapahit hotel…
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