Month: April 2024


Cloony the Clown

Cloony The Clown

by Shel Silverstein I’ll tell you the story of Cloony the ClownWho worked in a circus that came through town.His shoes were too big and his hat was too small,But he just wasn’t, just wasn’t funny at all. He had a trombone to play loud silly tunes,He had a green dog and a thousand balloons.He…
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Adriano Pedrosa curator 60ste kunstbiënnale Venetië

Adriano Pedrosa 60th Venice Biennale curator: Foreigners Everywhere

The enigmatic Mr. Pedrosa Amsterdam, April 21, 2024– The 60th Venice Art Biennale will take place until November 20 and, as usual, the organization has announced the curator more than a year and a half before the start and the theme of the upcoming biennale a year before the start.And also according to tradition, this…
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