The Man in the Clock

Ever since the man in the clock at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport started his activities and telling us stories about the enigma of Time, I am fascinated by its mechanism and able to watch and keep watching.

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Out of our minds: opium’s part in imperial history

Out of our minds: Opium’s part in Imperial History

How a mind-altering, addictive substance was used as a weapon by one empire to subdue another by Lewis Dartnell Humans are an exquisitely intelligent and capable species of ape. Our physiology[…]

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International visibility increases Finland’s influence

International visibility increases Finland’s influence

Helsinki could do a little bit more in Suriname   eyesonsuriname   Amsterdam, May 17 2023 — The other day was chatting with a new friend from Finland. He was kind[…]

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Invictus William Henley

Invictus an inspiring Poem by William Henley

Getting inspired by Poetry The Power of Self-Belief: Exploring the Themes of Invictus The Legacy of Invictus: How William Henley’s Poem Has Inspired Generations The Relevance of Invictus in the[…]

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A personal and public newsletter that makes our world bigger and, above all, more beautiful, one trying to broaden the mind and yet tries to find a place under the sun.

With a curiosity that arouses a hunger for more information. A hunger that can only be satisfied by asking further, deeper questions and finding out for yourself. Trying to understand what is happening around us and to deal with it properly and responsibly.

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It is… it is… a writing, a letter that doesn’t take much of your time and in return informs you, maybe irritates you but most certainly entertains you. scours the internet in search of stories about wonder and innovation focused on our future, originating from our past. The moving human stories of love and psychology also count on our warm interest because great strides are made there. notices that he is extra motivated when he receives nice responses. He understands that this pleasantly surprises life.


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The stories on antonfoek seem to delight the producers, readers and writers alike.
Presumably appealing to their diverse interests as a reflection of life itself.
I have had the privilege of looking after and reading several issues times and times over again. And on each occasion I have been struck by the breadth and unexpectedness of the topics that get pitched.
Somehow, they all fall in together to make a satisfying whole, leaving us readers behind with a hunger for more.

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