Lula on international trip


Lula on international trip

Lula on international trip

Not Visiting Suriname


Amsterdam, 27 january 2024– Last year, the organization grouping 54 African nations, became a permanent member of the G20, a group that brings together the world’s 19 richest economies plus the European Union (EU). This year, Brazil chairs the G20 and will host the summit of the group’s heads of state in Rio de Janeiro in November.

“Brazil needs to start repaying once and for all the historic debt we owe to the African people,” Lula said last week during an appearance in Salvador. 

It will be Lula’s second visit to the African continent in his third presidential term. Last year, he went to South Africa, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe, in addition to paying a quick visit to Cape Verde.

After returning from Africa, President Lula is slated to visit Guyana for the annual summit of the Caribbean Common Market and Community (Caricom), a regional group created in 1973 with 15 Caribbean countries. 

He could and should visit the vast destruction of an otherwise pristine Suriname rainforest, where his mostly illegal countrymen and gold diggers  are responsible for massive destabilizing and severe health issues among the local people.  And in Suriname international oil companies have discovered vast oil fields making the country at least interesting for investments of Brazil.



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