15 Years STRANDED On The Isle Of Sand


15 Years STRANDED On The Isle Of Sand

15 Years STRANDED On The Isle Of Sand

This is Tromelin Island. It is exactly as barren as it looks. So much so that it used to be known simply as the Isle of Sand. In 1761, almost a hundred people captured from their homeland were abandoned here, and most of them were never seen or heard from again. This is their horrifying story.


The stories on antonfoek seem to delight the producers, readers and writers alike.
Presumably appealing to their diverse interests as a reflection of life itself.
I have had the privilege of looking after and reading several issues times and times over again. And on each occasion I have been struck by the breadth and unexpectedness of the topics that get pitched.
Somehow, they all fall in together to make a satisfying whole, leaving us readers behind with a hunger for more.

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