Virtual Concert in Celebration of World Refugee Day


Virtual Concert in Celebration of World Refugee Day

UN Chamber Music

UN Chamber Music Society

Sunday, 20 June 2021
9:00am EST (New York Time)
4:00pm EEST (Mafraq, Jordan Time)

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UN Global YouTube:
UNHCR Global Youtube:
UNHCR Jordan Facebook:

On the occasion of World Refugee Day on Sunday, 20 June 2021, the UN Chamber Music Society of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council (UNCMS), in partnership with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), will hold a pre-recorded virtual concert, which will also be broadcasted in Jordan, which is home to hundreds of thousands refugees.  Refugees and other displaced populations belong to the most marginalized and vulnerable members of society. They are particularly at risk during the time of the coronavirus disease outbreak, because they often have limited access to water, sanitation systems and health facilities.

Music is a symbolizes love and peace, and holds the power to highlight the plight of the refugees.  In celebration of World Refugee Day, and in honour of the refugees all around the world, the music programme will opening with music featuring Jordanian Singer, Leen Alfaqih; as well as the world premiere of the Songs of Five Continents for the UN Chamber Music Society, composed by Yuko Uébayashi, as well as beautiful repertoire composed and performed by classically trained Syrian musicians.  Founded in 2016, the UNCMS is dedicated to promoting the UN goals at large – through the universal language of music. 


H.E. Mr. António Guterres
UN Secretary-General


Filippo Grandi
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Melissa Fleming
UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications

UN Chamber Music Society
of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council
Brenda Vongova, Artistic Director

Featuring Syrian MUSICIANS and SPECIAL GUEST Artists

Leen Alfaqih (Jordanian Singer)
Carol Wincenc (Flutist) ●  Yuko Uébayashi (Composer)


I. Opening

“Hadi Ya Bahr”

Leen Alfaqih (Jordanian Singer)
Brenda Vongova (Piano), Abigail Hong (Violin), James Kang (Viola), Derek Louie (Cello)

II. Hope for Refugees

Basilius Alawad (1994 – ) From a Refugee’s Memory (World premiere)
Basilius Alawad (Cello)

SERGEI RACHMANINOFF (1873 – 1943) 2 Pieces, TN ii/22: No. 2 Romance in A Major
Amin Helou (Piano); Angela Boutros (Piano); Brenda Vongova (Piano)
III. Songs of Five Continents

YUKO UÉBAYASHI (1958 -)  Songs of Five Continents for the UN Chamber Music Society (World Premiere)
Professor Carol Wincenc (Flute Solo)

Naoko Nakajima (Violin I), Hana Mundiya (Violin II), Noémie Chemali (Viola), Derek Louie (Cello), Logan May (Bass), Sooh Jeon (Flute), Lucian Avalon (Oboe), Chai Lee (Harp), Brenda Vongova (Piano)


UN Department of Global Communications

UN Refugee Agency

UNHCR Jordan

UNHCR New York Office

Artwork of Poster:
 Nabil Jubouri, Iraqi refugee artist in Amman


Sujatri Reisinger

Production of “Hadi Ya Bahr”
Dylan Louie, Video Production
Audio Production
Edward Bilous, Artistic Director and Producer
Anran Qian, Music Editor 
Keren Plowden, Production Coordinator 

Greg Kalember, Mix Engineer

Video Editing
Rebecca Dixuan Bai, Video Editor


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