Vintage Watches AntonFoek


Vintage Watches AntonFoek


Within a reasonably short period of time and in close cooperation with Mr. Kalle Slaap, 

Kalle Slaap

watchmaker and designer of his own brand in Western Friesland, North Holland, 


our readers may expect a series of articles about the horlogerie in Europe.

Our cooperation extends to Switzerland and France.


Anton JieSamFoek

Amsterdam, May 3d 2021


The stories on antonfoek seem to delight the producers, readers and writers alike.
Presumably appealing to their diverse interests as a reflection of life itself.
I have had the privilege of looking after and reading several issues times and times over again. And on each occasion I have been struck by the breadth and unexpectedness of the topics that get pitched.
Somehow, they all fall in together to make a satisfying whole, leaving us readers behind with a hunger for more.

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