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Brazil on the horizon again

eyesonsuriname Ansterdam, 21 January 2023– Private sector investors are preparing to take on the bulk of Brazil’s 500-700 billion reais in sanitation-related investments.  This will be necessary to achieve the goal of expanding water and sewage systems across Brazil by 2033.  The new sanitation legal framework that triggers these investments was recently approved by the…
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Hans Stegemann Economics

Faith, Belief and the Good Life

Economics Hans Stegeman Amsterdam, February 12, 2022– Progressive thinking is pretty much the mainstream – the most important – belief of our time. The main symbol of this in the economy is economic progress, translated flat into economic growth.  Always more and more and better. And preferably also more expensive. Economic laws are largely based…
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Paramaribo Suriname

Reflections about our Common Future

An Anton Foek Special We listen to scientists, media- and theatre producers, authors, and philosophers about important contemporary personal and social questions. The Italian-American economist Mariana Mazzucato thinks and reflects over the question how to adjust our capitalist system.  Anton Foek Amsterdam, December 12, 2021–We ( sic ) have really big problems: lack of sense…
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