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Bluefin Tuna

Why Bluefin Tuna Is So Expensive

A tuna once sold for $1.8 million, but you can get cans of tuna fish for less than $2 at the grocery store. So, what’s the difference? Bluefin tuna can be very expensive depending on where you buy it and which part of the fish you are eating. We spoke with the chef at Shoji…
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Hokkaido Sushi

Why Hokkaido Sushi is so Special

Exploring the Unique Ingredients of Hokkaido Sushi: A Look at the Local Seafood and Produce that Make it So Special Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture of Japan, is renowned for its unique and delicious sushi. The local seafood and produce of Hokkaido are essential ingredients in creating the perfect sushi experience. From the succulent salmon to…
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mushroom recipe

The Very Best of the Best mushroom recipe with chef Jean Pierre exclusively for us.

Hello There Friends, Garlic Mushrooms are so easy to make yet so many people make the simplest mistakes when making them! Let me teach you some simple tricks to making the best Garlic Mushrooms that would blow any Steakhouse out of the water! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Proud Mary

Coffee at 140 $ a cup

A café in Melbourne, Australia offers its customers a unique experience by serving a cup of coffee for 140 dollars, 50 times the market price. The city of Melbourne has a tradition of coffee culture, which was fostered by Italian and Greek migration from the 1940s. For those seeking an experience at another level, the…
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Spanish Iberian Ham

Why Spanish Iberian Ham Is The World’s Most Expensive Cured Meat

Iberian ham, or Jamón Ibérico, is one of the most expensive meats in the world. A leg of it can cost as much as $4,500. It is made from the rear leg of the black Iberian pig, a rare breed that can be found in the southern and western regions of the Iberian Peninsula, which comprises…
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