Notre-Dame de Paris – The Spire and its Cock


Notre-Dame de Paris – The Spire and its Cock

Notre-Dame de Paris La flèche e son coq
Slide 1
Notre-Dame de Paris
The Spire and its Cock
Slide 2
Notre-Dame Paris
Beauty of the Cathedral
Slide 3
Western Façade
Slide 4
île de la Cité
Slide 5
Aerial View
Île de la Cité
Slide 6
l’île de la Cité
Fire seen from river Seine
Slide 7
l’île de la Cité: Cathédrale Notre-Dame
Monday, April 19th, 2019, 7pm
Slide 8
l’île de la Cité: Cathédrale Notre-Dame
The Roof on fire
Slide 9
Notre-Dame on fire
Lateral view
Slide 10
Notre-Dame on fire
Rear view
Slide 11
Smoke pillows as
Flames cut through the roof
Slide 12
The spire
Shortly befor colapse
Slide 13
The spire
Slide 14
The spire
Seen from river Seine
Slide 15
The spire
The spire collapses
Slide 16
The spire
The spire collapses
Slide 17
The spire
The spire falls
Slide 18
extinguishing the flames
Slide 19
water on the burning roof
Slide 20
Next Morning
Slide 21
Next Morning
Crippled Cathedral
Slide 22
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Slide 23
Before the fire
Cordist climbing the spire
Slide 24
The Espiritual Lightning Rod of Paris
protected the city and the faithful
Slide 24
Rescue of Cock
Finally found
Slide 24
Adolphe-Victor Geoffroy-Dechaume.
The Rooster in the rubble
Slide 24
Rescue operation
Finding Place of the Rooster
Slide 24
Parts lost in the fire
Slide 24
Fire at Notre-Dame, Paris
A Rose to Remember
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The story how the cock from the cathedral’s spire finally could be saved.


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