How to master antifragility for a happier life


How to master antifragility for a happier life


Jonathan Haidt

“Resilience” is being able to withstand hardship; “antifragility” goes one step further.

“Resilience” is being able to withstand hardship. “Antifragility” goes one step further. The term, first coined by author Nassim Taleb, describes systems or entities that don’t just withstand adversity, but actually benefit and grow stronger from it.

In many ways, antifragility is central to our physical health and development. Bones, for example, get stronger when subjected to stress, and the immune system requires exposure to threats in order to develop properly.

We can also curate mental antifragility to enhance our lives, find happiness, and develop lifelong learning. From Jonathan Haidt to Derren Brown, this video explores the multitude of ways that we can think about antifragility, and how we can use it to better our lives.


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