The secrets of the Kremlin | Full documentary


The secrets of the Kremlin | Full documentary

The secrets of the Kremlin | Full documentary

The heart of Russian power resides here. Between luxury, grandeur and gastronomy, it is one of the safest places in the world.

00:00 The Kremlin in Moscow is a historic fortress and the heart of Russian power, with a grand palace and secret apartments.
06:47 A young chef in the Kremlin’s ultra-secure kitchen prepares a banquet for the Belarusian president.
11:56 Food safety measures are strictly enforced during presidential visits and receptions in Russia.
16:34 Preparations are underway for a confidential dinner in the Red Room, with the table set according to protocol.
21:31 The chef and his team are working long hours, resulting in health problems and guilt.
26:23 Jérôme visits a winemaker in a beautiful region near the Black Sea to ensure quality products for official receptions in the Kremlin.
31:55 Jérôme Rigaud, an important client of the domain, orders 10,000 bottles of Abraou-Diourso every year for presidential receptions and presents Sakhalin crab to his colleagues in the Kremlin.
37:09 The Frenchman, who is Russia’s ambassador, hopes to meet the club’s president during his stay in Russia.
42:22 The Elysée and Kremlin palaces are impressive in size and grandeur, with the Kremlin throne room being particularly magnificent.


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