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Albert Camus vs Sartre

What sets Albert Camu’s philosophy apart from Jean-Paul Sartre?

Comparing two great Philosophers Exploring the Contrasts Between Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre’s Philosophies Examining the Distinctive Elements of Albert Camus’ Existentialism Comparing the Different Approaches to Life and Death in Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre’s Thought Conclusion Albert Camus: A Philosophical Perspective on Existentialism Beyond Sartre. Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre are two of…
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Albert Camus the Outsider

Albert Camus: Inside the Outsider

Source: BBC, Matthew Selwyn A Radio 3 Sunday Feature, somewhat redundant being available for free and in better quality through this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03g2r5j but for your youtube pleasure here we are. Analysis: The Outsider by Albert Camus byMatthew SelwynFebruary 16, 201222 Comments The Outsider (1942) (previously translated from the French, L’Étranger, as The Stranger) is Albert Camus’s most widely…
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Albert Camus

Tribute to Albert Camus

1913 – 1960 Part II Anton Foek Amsterdam, June 2021– By 1943, he was back in France, to join the staff of the clandestine Resistance newspaper Combat, and publish those books: first the novel “The Stranger” and then a book of philosophical essays, “The Myth of Sisyphus.” The novel and the essays announced the same theme,…
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