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Magic Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel: What inspired Man to build such a Magic Place?

Mont Saint-Michel is an iconic landmark located in Normandy, France. It is a rocky tidal island that is connected to the mainland by a causeway. The island is home to a medieval abbey and a village that has been inhabited since the 8th century. The abbey and village are perched atop a rocky outcrop that…
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Invictus William Henley

Invictus an inspiring Poem by William Henley

Getting inspired by Poetry The Power of Self-Belief: Exploring the Themes of Invictus The Legacy of Invictus: How William Henley’s Poem Has Inspired Generations The Relevance of Invictus in the 21st Century: How Its Message Still Resonates Today “Unconquerable Strength: Find it Within Yourself with Invictus” Invictus is an inspiring poem written by William Henley…
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Philippe Dufour Atelier

Philippe Dufour and his secretive genius

Perpetuation Part III by Gary G. Amsterdam, November 16th 2021– This includes an important sub-element: inspiration. Kari Voutilainen’s recent biography states that Kari was inspired to start up his own independent atelier after a conversation with Dufour. Behind the scenes, Philippe encourages and counsels other independents, including Romain Gauthier (whose Logical One knocked my socks…
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Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot in Antibes

Inspiration and Love in Antibes

Françoise Gilot and Picasso A.F. Amsterdam/Antibes, August 18th 2021– Overlooking the Riviera coast, the Château Grimaldi in Antibes provides a dramatic setting for the world’s first museum dedicated to the works of Pablo Picasso The imposing medieval fortress in Antibes known as the Château Grimaldi was used by Pablo Picasso as a studio in 1946,…
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