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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Walking

Five Surprising Health Benefits of Walking

Why You Should Do It Everyday In this video I explain what happens to our bodies (and not what you would expect) when we walk everyday and why we should be doing it to optimize our health. It’s one type of exercise we can hardly escape and one we certainly shouldn’t considering these incredible ways…
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Meditation for Political, Financial Leaders

And All Others Interested h.leggett / eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, February 11, 2023 — Feeling depressed, anxious, down? You’re not and far from alone. During the pandemic, rates of anxiety and depression soared around the globe, resulting in a shortage of mental health care providers and long wait times for therapy. But, according to a new study from…
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Low Back Pain

Lower Back Pain and Even More Pain

And the true / real relief ? antonfoek.com Amsterdam, 8 march 2022–For more than a decade, a friend of mine had a near-constant throbbing in a small muscle deep in the butt. He tried treating it with physical therapy, ultrasound and Botox injections. At one point, he even considered surgery to cut the muscle in…
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