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Seven cleverly designed emergency homes around the world

Seven cleverly designed emergency homes around the world

When workers at a vending machine factory in Ukraine had their homes bombed, the owner Alex Stepura repurposed the facility to build them new ones. From that, Terra Monada was born, a company set up to produce good-quality, relatively affordable modular homes to replace the bomb damage. “The ambition was to create something that was…
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Business of Survival

Age of Change

The Business of Survival Explore aspirational solutions for change in this beautiful series on BBC.

Sailing Survival

This Man Survived Over 2 Months Lost At Sea

76 Days Adrift | He Shouldn’t Be Alive When a ferocious storm leaves a man adrift in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean he quickly realises help isn’t coming any time soon. For 76 days he must adapt to his new surroundings in the deep blue to fight off an endless bombardment of life-threatening blows.…
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Agafia. Hermit Surviving in Russian Wilderness for 70 years

Soon after this film aired, Agafia found a helper who has now been living with her for more than a year. Georgy Danilov, 53, is from Orenburg. He is an Old Believer. It was Agafia‚Äôs spiritual father who found and blessed her helper. Georgy has been doing the toughest chores for almost two years: he…
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