The Shocking Truth About How Cuba Became Insanely Poor

The Shocking Truth About How Cuba Became Insanely Poor

In this video, we take a deep dive into the history and current state of Cuba’s economy. From its origins as a tropical paradise and economic powerhouse, to its struggles with food shortages and economic decline, we explore the key factors that have shaped the country’s economic trajectory. From colonization and corporate domination to the…
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Adam Smith The Theory Of Moral Sentiments

Adam Smith: The Theory Of Moral Sentiments

Adam Smith considered his first major book, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, his most important work. Indeed, the tome was a wild success upon its publication, selling out immediately. It has not lost popularity since. In this legendary work, Smith discusses the nature of morality, and the motives behind and origins of these “sentiments.” Originally…
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For 10 years the wife of a Maasai - Stephanie's life in the simplest of circumstances

For 10 years the wife of a Maasai

Stephanie’s life in the simplest of circumstances Stephanie has lived in Tanzania with her husband Sokoine, a traditional Maasai, for more than 10 years. She has built a life with him in the humblest of circumstances. Stephanie’s book is already available in stores:

You've Been Trumped Too

You’ve Been Trumped Too

The film the Trump Organization tried to suppress Investigative journalist Anthony Baxter travels between the US Presidential race and the Scottish countryside to chronicle the troubling confrontation between Donald Trump and a feisty 92-year-old widow, Molly Forbes, as she refuses to make way for his golf course. This shocking insight to a David and goliath…
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Parties and celebrations across the world ring in 2024

Thanks for joining us on our whistle-stop tour of new year celebrations around the world. We’ve covered the major displays from Auckland in New Zealand, and the 12-minute extravaganza’s in Sydney and Hong Kong. Hundreds of thousands of people in Paris converged on the Champs Elysees for an Olympic-themed party ahead of the 2024 Games…
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The LIFE of England's BIGGEST ROBBER Ronnie Biggs

The Great Escape: How Ronnie Biggs Outsmarted Prison Walls and Became a Fugitive Legend

Ronald Biggs, a name synonymous with audacious crime and daring escapes, etched his story onto the pages of British infamy with the infamous Great Train Robbery of 1963. However, it was his audacious escape from Wandsworth Prison two years later that truly cemented his status as a folk hero and fugitive extraordinaire. Biggs, along with…
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Life Has No Meaning

If Life Has No Meaning, Why Live? | Albert Camus

Art must not compromise with lies and servitude which, wherever they rule, breed solitude. Whatever our personal weaknesses may be, the nobility of our craft will always be rooted in two commitments, difficult to maintain: the refusal to lie about what one knows and the resistance to oppression.

Stephen Fry reads Nick Cave's stirring letter about ChatGPT and human creativity

Stephen Fry reads Nick Cave’s stirring letter about ChatGPT and human creativity

Nick Cave pays tribute to the late Shane MacGowan – the singer songwriter who passed away -alongside Sean O’Hagan at an Intelligence Squared event on November 30 2023

David Wengrow

A New Understanding of Human History and the Roots of Inequality

David Wengrow | TED What if the commonly accepted narratives about the foundation of civilization are all wrong? Drawing on groundbreaking research, archaeologist David Wengrow challenges traditional thinking about the social evolution of humanity — from the invention of agriculture to the formation of cities and class systems — and explains how rethinking history can…
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Sisyphus’ Burden: How Camus’ Absurdity Shaped Our World

In a world often defined by purpose and meaning, Albert Camus’ “The Myth of Sisyphus” throws down a gauntlet of existential dread. Published in 1942, this philosophical essay explores the absurdity of life through the lens of the condemned Sisyphus, endlessly pushing a boulder up a mountain only to have it roll back down. But…
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