What is antonfoek.com?


It is… it is… a writing, a letter that doesn’t take much of your time and in return informs you, maybe irritates you but most certainly entertains you. 

Several times a week, sometimes daily in the mail, with three, four or five links to stories on the internet. We have been appearing almost every working day for several years now. The letter has more than 6,200 active and committed readers, and no subscribers. The open rate is 50%, the click-through rate is 9%. (source: WebTraffic

What is it all about?

Antonfoek.com scours the internet in search of stories about wonder and innovation focused on our future, originating from our past. The moving human stories of love and psychology also count on our warm interest because great strides are made there. Antonfoek.com notices that he is extra motivated when he receives nice responses. He understands that this pleasantly surprises life. 


antonfoek.com tells its stories as much as possible with words. The written word is the most pleasant way to communicate and transfer information. 

You can take it interactively, as fast or slow as you want. Videos, movies, audio, and photos are fun and only come in if they clarify the story. Or be the story yourself. What’s the point?
antonfoek.com tries to make you smarter and more pleasant and richer. Where do you get the best ideas, behind your desk or on your bike, maybe in the shower? Inspiration is a spark that can jump through the most unexpected collisions. antonfoek.com inspires you by scanning the horizon with curious binoculars. Looking for beauty and comfort, surprising insights, original ideas and people. 

What is the target group?

There is no target group. That question is irrelevant. antonfoek.com is not made for a specific group of people. It notes what he learns or what makes him laugh — or smile, or turns his stomach — and say in a short paragraph why he wants to share that. Beauty and consolation as a way of life. 

Anyone who has nothing to do with that just leaves. Those who share that feeling will stay. And those who stay make up the readership. Marketing is only word of mouth. If there is growth, it is organic. The readers who remain are curious, open-minded citizens of the world, who are more concerned with the common good and less with themselves. 


There is so much fascinating, in our contemporary world in addition to what we already know to find, that its path does not come to us hardly or only very late. 

antonfoek.com just wants to share with you.